Everyone did it at least once; read an email, sent a text message, checked the latest Tweets; while driving. We are aware this is not wise. Actually, taking your eyes off the road for a couple of seconds is life threatening dangerous. But how do we get this message across, that when being served directly leads to rejection? By letting people experience first hand, that Whatsapping, Facebooking, Tweeting while driving is impossible. In a game where you experience what actually happens when you divide your attention.

Tweet, Chat, Like and Drive is a race game played against friends. Your mobile phone is connected to your computer and you send each other messages, tweets and posts that appear as obstacles on the road, while trying your utmost to keep your car in lane. This game has no winners, as each player has somehow dangerous behaviour on the road. So your final score is linked to cold hard facts of reality, like how many meters of road you missed while looking at your phone. Which proofs that social media and driving don’t mix.

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Bronze Effie Award
2x Shortlist Lovie Awards
Webby Awards Honoree
Nominated ADCN Interactive

Silver Spinaward Games
Nominated Spinawards Design
Nominated Spinawards Interactive video
Nominated Spinawards Mobile

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