The Target audience of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter thinks the van is way out of their price range. In reality the Sprinter is a really affordable option. Instead of promoting the new Sprinter we started selling second hand vans of the competition. On the Dutch Ebay called Marktplaats we placed fake adverts of our competitors. When people browse the pictures they see a new Sprinter in the background that tells them that the Sprinter is available for a good price. By this the target group realised that the Sprinter is a really affordable option.

The adverts were viewed more than 20.000 times in one day, a normal Marktplaats ad just 20 times. Quickly it got picked up by, the biggest carblog in the Netherlands with more than 1 million unique visitors and after that other carblogs followed. It started a buzz on Twitter and also attracted Spitsnews. We received a large amount of voicemail and e-mail replies of people asking about the Sprinter. Two fake adverts on Marktplaats, a total cost of 150 euros and a lot of free publicity turned this campaign into a real succes.

2x Nominated ADCN Promo & Activation
3x Nominated ADCN Interactive
Nominated Spinawards Best Media
Shortlist Eurobest Interactive
Bronze Epica Award Direct
Shortlist Cannes Lions Cyber
Shortlist Cannes Lions Direct