The Royal Concerthall exist 125 years. Time to emphasize once more what insane acoustics this world-famous venue has. In the campaign “Everything sounds better in the Concerthall” we asked our Facebook community for the most horrible sounds they could think of. These sounds were used for our test. On the platform the various experiments, including roaring scooters , belching children and pavers were showcased. TV commercials and pre-rolls invited people to have a look.


2x Nominated ADCN Film
Nominated ADCN Sound

The Concert Hall in Amsterdam is one of the best concert halls in the world due to its exceedingly acoustics. But how does one know if you don’t go there? That’s why we introduced the theme „Everything sounds better in The Concert Hall” and let people
outside The Concert Hall get familiar with its acoustics. An adapted billboard was equipped with microphones and speakers. Every sound around the billboard got amplified with The Concert Hall acoustics. This way people who passed by experienced the
exceedingly acoustics themselves.

Nominated ADCN Outdoor
Nominated ADCN Promo & Activation